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‘Gross Medical Opportunities Fund ’

Gross Securities Corp is excited to announce the introduction of the “Gross Medical Opportunities Fund”, providing investors with stable and reliable cash distributions that are Registered product Eligible (ie. RRSP).

The fund provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest in a defensive asset class that provides a high yield, with external and internal growth opportunities.

The delivery of medical services in Ontario is rapidly changing. New doctors are no longer looking to practice medicine like their predecessors, preferring to be managed as opposed to running their own practices, and Today’s hectic lifestyles mean patients want the ease and simplicity of a one-stop-shop medical facility.

Gross Securities Corp. is investing in this changing and exciting landscape. Our medical investment fund is the future of Ontario Medical Real Estate, purchasing and managing medical centers that offer todays modern medical practitioner the ability to be managed, and for patients, the convenience of a one stop shop integrative healthcare center that focuses on all aspects of healthy living all under one roof.

For further information or to take a tour of one of our modern medical facilities, please contact:

Jeff Herszkowicz
Investor Relations
416 645 2272 Ext: 282

Additional Reasons to Invest in “Gross Medical Opportunities Fund”….

  • RRSP, RESP & TFSA Eligible
  • Monthly Cash Distributions
  • Preferred Tax Treatment through Capital Cost Allowance (almost all income received is tax free)
  • Long term Capital Appreciation through yearly mortgage debt repayment
  • Targeted 90-95% Payout Ratio
  • Focus on Multi-Tenant Commercial (Medical) Model
  • Alternative Income Investment
  • Experienced Managment Team (significant personal investment)

Structure: Mutual Fund Trust (Registered products eligible)

Annual Fee: 15 basis points of gross asset value (0.15%)

Yield: 7-8% per annum (year 1 target), monthly distributions

Prime Broker: Gross Securities Corp.

Administrator: Gross AdminCo

Auditor: Segal LLP

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