Investor Criteria – What you need to know

At Gross Securities, it’s our business to know our clients. Our Dealing Representatives will ask you questions about your financial situation and attitude towards investing. To invest in mid to long term investments, often with limited liquidity, as are commonly found in the Exempt Market, you have to have a willingness and ability to provide such information.

At Gross Securities Corp, our sales team will help assess your financial ability to make investments in the exempt market, measured by things like net worth, income and other personal details like upcoming life changes (divorce, a baby). Your financial willingness to invest is more subjective and is often referred to as Risk Tolerance. This is a culmination of personal attributes such as experience with investing, knowledge of finance, and how accepting you are of potential losses. Your financial goals and intentions are incorporated into your risk tolerance and investment suitability. For example, if you have a high risk tolerance and a very short term timeline, or a low risk with a very long timeline, Exempt Market investments will be deemed unsuitable for you.

For a complimentary suitability assessment, please contact our offices and a sales agent will be happy to speak with you.